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Ext.ux.Cover A Coverflow experience for Sencha Touch

Written by elmasse
Jul 14 2011

I was always interested in Coverflow. Now I want to announce my first draft for Sencha Touch. Ext.ux.Cover. It is based in Charles Ying's zFlow, if your are looking for a Coverflow like in js non-lib dependent for iOS, you should take a look at it!

Ext.ux.Cover works similar to Ext.List, you can add items to a store and show them in Cover using a itemTpl. Since Cover inherits from DataView, you get all the benefits in terms of modifying the store (add, remove, sort and filter). All the events will cause an immediate response in your Cover instance.

cover image

Some limitations

Due to the lack of support of css 3D animations (or bugs?) in Android, this implementation is only working for iOS devices. You can test it also in desktop, but keep in mind you should use Safari 5/ Chrome 12 (Chrome 12 in Ubuntu - do not know about other Linux distros - has no 3D neither, so it won't work).

I have successfully tested in Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Safari and iOS 4.3.2 iPhone and iPad.

Download it!

The code is already in my github repo so you can clone or fork the repo.

You can see it in action. Check the Demo Site

Future Tasks:

I will create a Wiki on github to explain how to use Ext.ux.Cover. Also, since this is in a experimental phase, you can find bugs. If so, please report them at github also. I will be working on Documentation too.


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